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Our clients often ask us before placing an order what can the DOFF achieve, my response is it can achieve MIRACLES.

The TORC system is an evolution of the original Jos system, with its most distinctive feature being the revolving nozzle – creating a gentle swirling vortex to offset the concentration of the water and granulate mix.

The powder used is an inert substance that is applied with water simultaneously to achieve a ‘gentle clean’.

Its ability to effectively clean surfaces is largely due to the innovation of nozzle, rather than the granulate running through it.

The DOFF is an expertly engineered system that utilises a normal water supply to remove some of the more resistant forms of dirt or markings from a range of surfaces.

The water supply is fed into a hot-box where it is subjected to temperatures as high as 150℃. The resultant heated water, or vapour, is then filtered through the heat resistant hoses to the nozzle at a rate of between 3 to 10 litres per minute.

Once cleaned, the surface dries within minutes to prevent any long-term damage as a result of trapped moisture.

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